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Boating Accidents Lawyer

Any injury that occurs on or with a ship, boat, ferry, or personal watercraft (also referred to as wave runners and jet skis) is considered a boating accident. Today, our oceans, lakes, and rivers are busier than ever, with all types of pleasure boating and commercial transportation increasing the chances of boating accidents.

Boating Accident Statistics

In 2004, 676 fatalities and 3,363 injuries occurred in the U.S. while participating in boating activities.

Thousands of serious injuries and fatalities occur each year in the U.S. due to boats and watercraft’s negligent or reckless operations. Although boat owners and operators have a duty to keep their occupants and others safe, injuries still frequently occur due to carelessness and negligence.

Some of the most common causes of and factors contributing to a boating accident are as follows.

Boating Accident Activities

Activities such as water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, etc., can be dangerous when the participants either fail to practice the rules of the water and safety procedures or do not consider the surrounding environment, water depth, other boats, and other hazards.

Collision, Tipping, Flooding, Sinking, or Capsizing

These can be a direct or indirect result of operator negligence, boating under the influence of alcohol, lack of skill in boating, or elements such as wind, rain, sun, or waves.


This typically occurs due to a lighting strike, striking a power line, or boat electronics malfunction. Lighting strikes are hazardous and give good reason to avoid boating under the threat of a storm.

Power lines are a concern when launching boats as a long mast could strike a line. The electronics in a boat are typically safe but may cause electrocution due to malfunction or misuse.

Fire or Explosion

Fuel is the most likely source of any boating fire. Fires and explosions are typically the results of improper maintenance or damage to the boat’s fuel system or engine.

Survivors of People Who Die in a Boating Accident

When death has resulted from a boating accident, the survivors of that boating accident tragedy can file a wrongful death court action.

A boating accident injury can cause high financial hardships because of medical bills, treatment, in addition to any boat and property damage caused by the boating accident.

There is a time limit for filing a boating accident report and cases. So it is essential to speak to a boating accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected.

What You Should Do After a Boating Accident

Even when wounds from the boating accident may seem small, it is advised to get a medical evaluation. Sometimes an injury from a boating accident can be underestimated, and the boating accident injury can later produce persistent soreness, further injuries, and basically more financial troubles.

A boating accident lawyer can get damages appropriate to the injuries sustained. If additional medical treatment is needed for the boating accident, injuries compensation can reflect that.

It is vital to avoid making any statements or signing any documents regarding the boating accident without first looking for legal advice from a skilled boating accident lawyer.

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