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Car Accidents Lawyer

If you have recently been injured due to a car accident, you know the pain and suffering that can accompany those injuries. For many, a car accident can be a life-changing experience.

You do not have to face an uncertain future alone when an experienced car accident lawyer can help. Your lawyer can answer any questions that you may have about your recent motor vehicle accident.

Car Accident Statistics

While comparing all the types of motor vehicle accidents, car accidents occur most frequently, far more often than motorcycle crashes, for example.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports annually on the statistics it has collected about motor vehicle accidents in the United States.

In the last complete year’s report, the NHTSA stated that:

  • 9.4 Million vehicles became involved in accidents, and
  • 5.3 Million of those vehicles were passenger cars

Negligence Is An Important Factor

Staying safe while operating a motor vehicle is hard enough without the dangers posed by negligent drivers on the roads. Negligence is an important consideration when a lawsuit to recover the costs of a motor vehicle accident is decided.

People who caused harm to someone else through their actions can be held liable for the cost of the harm.

A person can be found negligent and responsible for the costs of harm done in a car accident if:

  • The person had a duty of care to avoid causing any injury to persons or property.
  • The person did not meet that duty of care.
  • The failure to exercise reasonable care caused an accident.
  • The resulting accident actually caused harm.

Just by getting behind the wheel of a car to drive, every motorist assumes a duty of care to everyone else on the road.

Proving the other elements of negligence is a duty for the plaintiff in a car crash injury lawsuit. The help of an experienced car accident lawyer is crucial in doing just that.

Injured In A Recent Car Accident? A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Despite their frequency, all car accidents are unique. suppose you were injured in a recent car accident, and you have a specific question. In that case,s, a personal injury attorney can provide answers that you cannot find through endless online searches. They can answer questions concerning your individual case, such as those about settlement values or dealing with car insurance companies.

Even if your recent accident involving a motor vehicle happened while walking or bicycling, an accident attorney could help. An experienced lawyer knows that all accidents are not created equal, nor are all car accident victims.

If you were struck by a car and injured while crossing the road or going for a leisurely bicycle ride, you might be eligible for personal injury compensation. Just because you were not in a vehicle at the time of the crash does not mean that a car accident lawyer cannot help.

Protecting Yourself

It is helpful to know that you need not bear the full burden of the expenses of your car crash injuries, but preventing injuries in the first place is even better.

One of the best things people in a passenger car can do to reduce their chance of injury is to wear seatbelts.

Seatbelts help prevent people from being thrown around within a car or actually being thrown out of a car in a collision.

The mortality rate of those ejected from a vehicle is 77 percent.

In fatal passenger car crashes in 2011, 19 percent of those who died were ejected from the car.

If You Have Questions, Now Is The Time To Get Answers

There is no better time than the present to get answers to all of your questions concerning your recent car accident. The longer you wait, the more sleepless nights you will have to endure. The longer you wait, the more medical bills you will receive.

Why put yourself through weeks or months of uncertainty when an experienced attorney can help put your mind at ease?

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