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Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents happen almost every day. They range from mild to severe and thus usually result in damage of different magnitudes. In some cases, people typically end up losing their lives due to such accidents, while in some, the people involved in the accident get to live. There is usually somebody to blame in every auto accident and somebody who is blaming such a person. These people need representation, be it in a court of law or an alternative dispute resolution method.

Having an attorney is suitable for having yourself heard. You not only get your rights protected, but you also have the ones which have been violated enforced. This includes negotiations, claim settlements, and representation in court. However, not every type of attorney is suited to give you the best representation. The following are some of the characteristics of an attorney with whom you can be guaranteed to get the best out of your case.

Trust the Experience of a Houston Car Accident Attorney

Experience counts a lot when it comes to the field of law, especially in the area of personal claims. An experienced lawyer is bound to provide you with the best legal care and advice since they can anticipate what is to come. Not only are they aware of the loopholes that insurance companies and other guilty persons usually exploit, but they too have the necessary connections and experience to ensure that the job gets done on time.

An experienced lawyer is likely to have refined skills which have been honed by years spent in court. They are likely to get you the best settlement in that they are usually aware of the line of arguments that have the most impact on a judge, jury, or the court in general. Your rights are guaranteed to be protected with such a lawyer.

The Reputation Of a Houston Car Accident Attorney

Just like any other service-oriented profession, the success of a lawyer primarily rides on reputation. Lawyers who have a track record of success are bound to succeed, and those who have had many losses at the bar are usually likely to be less effective in getting you what you deserve. The type of clients that a particular lawyer has a reputation of representing will also impact the success of your case, be it in a court of law or the boardroom negotiations.

It is always to choose a lawyer with a good reputation in terms of success in pleading cases and the type of client they handle. Having a lawyer with a good reputation will be a significant boost to your lawsuit.


While the field of law is broad and an attorney can practice in any area, you usually choose an attorney specializing in the particular field in which your case is concerned.

Going to a lawyer whose field of specialization is auto accidents is advisable if you have been involved in an accident. With specialization comes more expertise, the concentration of resources, and better availability and thus higher chances of the success of your case.

Houston roads are congested with traffic and are prone to frequent car accidents. If you have been involved in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation and should seek the help of a Houston car accident attorney.

How to Avoid a Car Accident

Most auto accidents in Houston occur when the driver is under the influence of alcohol. Other causes happen when one or more driver is speeding, failing to yield, following too closely, or running red lights or stop signs.

Whether you are an experienced car driver or a novice, it is recommended that you review vehicle safety rules regularly. By doing so, you may prevent becoming a victim of an accident.

A few good tips to remember:

  • Be a courteous driver. Don’t be aggressive or competitive. Driving is NOT a game.
  • Slow down when weather or road conditions are not optimum.
  • Stop at red lights and stop signs.
  • Look both ways before entering an intersection.
  • Pause briefly before proceeding through a changed green light.
  • Signal your turns and lane changes.
  • Always stay a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead of you.
  • Never drive if you’ve been drinking alcohol.
  • Do not talk or text on your phone while you are driving.

Of course, no matter how good of a driver you may be, there is always a chance of being involved in a collision. One thing we can control is to know what to do in case of a car accident.

What Should You Do in Case of an Accident?

Before you even start your car, you should know what you should do if you are involved in a collision. It can be confusing and even scary right after an accident, so it is best to know precisely what you should do rather than guess.

  1. Check for injuries. See if you and anyone else involved in the crash is hurt. If there are any injuries, see that they get prompt medical attention.
  2. Move the vehicles out of the roadway as soon as possible. If either auto can’t be moved, set up flares, warning signs or raise the car hood.
  3. When you are in a safer location, you can exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, vehicle identification numbers, license plate numbers, insurance information, and driver’s license information.
  4. Be sure to document the location of the crash. If there are any witnesses, get their names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  5. If your phone has a camera, take photos or video of the location and vehicles.

The police should be notified if there are any injuries or fatalities. You will also want to inform the police if either vehicle can’t be moved from the roadway if there is no tow truck available.

If the other driver appears intoxicated, they don’t have insurance, or leave the accident scene, call the police.

Remember, the law requires you to move your car out of traffic flow if there are no injuries and the vehicle is drivable.

If you should happen to hit a parked car and you can’t find the driver, write your name and phone number on a note with an explanation of what happened.

If the police are available at the accident scene, they will advise you on whether or not you should file a police report.

If no officer is investigating the crash, you must file an accident report with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) within ten days if:

  • Anyone is injured, or there has been a fatality
  • Damage is estimated to be $1,000 or more
  • Either driver is suspected of driving under the influence
  • Either driver is unlicensed
  • Either driver has no insurance
  • Either driver leaves the scene of the accident

If you don’t file a report, you’re subject to up to a $500 fine, plus court costs.

All drivers in Texas are required to carry primary liability coverage. You can be fined up to $350 for a first offense and more if you have been ticketed before for not having insurance.

How Much do Houston Personal Injury Attorneys Cost?

In short: It’s free if we don’t win your case.

You may wonder what the standard contingency fee or what percentage a lawyer gets is. Although these attorneys groups and firms may offer a free consultation, some automobile accident lawyers may offer no win, no fee in these cases, or compensation for an accident at work case, or in a no success no fee medical negligence case. Few have preset compensation amounts. In many cases, billing is hourly unless you have arranged a standard contingency fee. These are good questions to ask when you’re doing a law firm helpline review.

Why Do I Need a Houston Car Accident Lawyer?

If you have been injured in an accident, our Houston car accident attorney can help you receive a fair settlement from your insurance company. You may not know what you are legally entitled to receive. The insurance adjuster might take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge.

If you have been injured in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. It is advisable to work with a lawyer that has experience dealing with insurance companies and fighting for their clients.

Insurance companies will profit by under compensating for injuries and damages.

This is why it is best to contact our Houston car accident lawyer as soon as possible, even before you have been offered an insurance settlement. Our lawyer will have extensive knowledge of Texas laws and will negotiate fair compensation.

Fill out the form today for your free, confidential consultation. Our representative will contact you for more details, and an attorney will review your case. Don’t delay. Let us help you reach a favorable settlement with the insurance adjuster.