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Being involved in a serious car accident can be a life-threatening and distressing experience. The fallout from an auto crash can upset every facet of your life and cause great financial stress on you and your loved ones. If you have been involved in an accident and are experiencing these realities firsthand, you may not know what to do next.

Supporting Victims

An attorney can help. After learning about the circumstances of your accident, a skilled lawyer can inform you of your rights and advise you on your best legal options in the future. An attorney can advocate for your interests throughout the personal injury process, doing everything possible to secure a settlement or judgment that fully accounts for the damages you have sustained.

Do I Have A Case?

Very few families can absorb the financial blow of a serious motor vehicle accident. As such, many victims choose to pursue compensation from a liable party to cover damages. When filing a lawsuit, the outcome of your case will largely depend upon what evidence you bring forth concerning the cause of the accident, as well as how it has negatively impacted your life.

Your lawyer will be there to guide you throughout the legal process. If you have yet to contact an attorney, there are some important steps you can take after an accident (health permitting).

Document The Scene of The Crash

Note the time, date, and location of an accident, including any negligent or reckless actions you observed of another driver. Photograph the scene, damage to your vehicle, and visible injuries.

Exchange Contact Information

If any eyewitnesses were on the scene, be sure to get their contact information. Exchange insurance information with any parties involved in the accident, but do not answer any other questions.

File a Police Report

If an accident led to extensive damage, Texas law requires contacting the police. Even if it appears that damages may not be significant, call the police to file a report. This document can serve as an important piece of evidence in your case.

Seek Medical Treatment

Protecting your safety and well-being is vital and, even if you feel unhurt after an accident, being evaluating by a doctor is essential. This can allow unobserved symptoms of more serious health issues to be addressed, lessening health risks down the road.

A personal injury attorney will look to supplement any evidence that you can provide about an accident with additional information. They will have access to investigative resources that can be useful toward establishing liability in personal injury cases.

Protect Your Legal Rights Today

Our Woodlands attorney is available to provide you with information on Texas law and advise you on your prospects for pursuing compensation. At each stage of the personal injury process, it will be our steadfast goal to seek a settlement or judgment on your behalf that accounts for the full spectrum of your accident-related costs.

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